Moki Dugway – what’s that?

In planning my trip for Sept, I ran across an interesting area on the map for my route to Natural Bridges national park.     It’s called the Moki (or Mokee, its spelled different ways in different maps) Dugway and after some research, it is regarded by some as one of the most stellar 3 miles of “road” on earth.    It transitions from Hwy US 261 to a gravel decline of 1100ft in 3 miles, of switchbacks and narrow gravel roads.  All with an astounding view down into the Valley of the Gods.

This is what it looks like on the map:

Moki Dugway1

On the road map the highway 261 disappears and it turns into what it terms as a trail for 3 miles.  The topo map shows it as just a regular highway though.   After doing some research, here is what this road looks like in person:

Moki Dugway sign

Moki Dugway View

This is going to be an EPIC ride!   I cant wait to see this on the trip.  The views look stunning.  I expect to capture tons of good pics of this on the ride!  No worries about doing this on what is largely a street/sport bike with street tires, the gold wing, and HD crowd love this road as much as the Adv riders do.  The rule is to go very slow.

Edit:  I just realized looking at the map, I will be going UP the road not down.   I am going to be approaching from the south on my way up from Mexican Hat.   Going up a road like this will be a bit more forgiving than going down (and easier on brakes).

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