It has begun

Tonight I finally started on the bike project.   Every bit of plastic is off the bike now, found one broken mount point for the front fairing.

Had a door slam closed on me while hauling all the bits up to a temp storage locker I am using as a staging area for parts.    Nailed the right hand panel nicely and gave it yet another gash.   I am going to start calling around to see what the going price is to get some white paint thrown on the panels.

The biggest issue encountered so far is the fact that I have a motorcycle jack that doesn’t look compatible with the sprint.   The exhaust is the lowest piece on the bike, so I need to head to home depot and buy some wood to chop up to shim the sump so its lower than the exhaust headers, and then use some Styrofoam under the exhaust so I can still keep the bike stable on the lift.

So far so good, and I think Kate thinks I look hot in a mechanics overalls.

Overall I hate working on the parking garage… but it could be worse.

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