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Geek Photo Time!  Home lab server – getting more serious.   Now with 48GB of ram fun.

This is my primary home virtualization server (Running Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-V), hosting ~ 30VMs running all the time, 14TB of local disk – 20 physical disks.  Used primarily for my job and labbing out solutions and demos for customers, this system is real nice for doing bulk processing of video, or media conversion.

I also have 2 small Intel Atom based “servers” – one running as a iSCSI SAN for clustering demos, and one that is used for my webcam on this website and some other Windows 7 compatible services I want to use for my home network.   I also have 2 other Hyper-V servers that are used to demo Windows 8 Server Hyper-V, and clustered virtualization.

Sorta takes up ¼ of our main closet in the apartment 🙂

And in reference to Hyper-V vs Vmware  = This system has ran 24×7 for almost 2 years now and I have never had an issue, crash, or problem that wasn’t my own doing.   So any folks who like to say Hyper-V is not as stable as VMware… that’s not real true.  This is a whitebox built system, and it runs flawless.   Not only that, but its hyper functional (no pun intended) by having access to the hardware level OS and running apps on the host itself (not best practice, but useful for me).

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