It begins, again.

Prepping for any kind of multi day camping motorcycle trip after not doing one recently is always fun.  

I am starting to lock down my trip back to Utah for a few days to check off the last national parks I haven’t seen there (Arches, and Canyonlands).   I am only camping one night in the current plan, but traveling over all 6 days.  

The plan as it stands is:

  • Stay in Moab on Monday night
  • Visit Arches NP and Camp at Canyon Lands NP – Islands in the Sky on Tue
  • Ride down to the Paradox valley, and do some exploring on and off the bike, and stay in Naturita, CO on Wed.
  • Ride up through Gateway to Fruita, CO and meet up with friends at a house there for the rest of the weekend on Thursday.
  • Either relax around Fruita, or go on a ride up to Dinosaur, CO on Friday.
  • ?? on Saturday
  • Ride home on Sunday.

I have a ton of work to do on the bike to get it ready, but over all its in good condition.  Most of the work is on cleaning up some wiring I did a couple years ago, and replacing some connectors with waterproof ones.

The only big variable at play is the weather.   This is a very sketchy time on the front rage for weather, it could snow, it could be blowing wind and rain, it could be icy cold, it could be sunny and warm.   So far Monday looks to be cold and rainy, which is OK, rain and cool weather doesn’t bother me.  But icy weather.. that’s another story.

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