How about a little motorcycle camping trip?

I’ve been pondering a nice late summer ride on the bike like I’ve done a few times now.    Last year I abandoned a plan to go to Yellow Stone NP on the bike in order to focus on an R/C race in Vegas.   This year I am focusing on other hobbies instead.

Looking at timing and such, I am still not going to Yellow Stone NP because I want to spend more time up there, and will probably go with Kate next spring instead.    Instead I am looking to check off a few items in Utah I still want to see, and I also want to camp quite a few days.

Looking at hitting up Lake Powell, Natural Bridges Ntl Monument UT, Moki Dugway,  Canyon lands NP, Paradox Valley in CO, and then ride up to SLC to hang with friends for a couple days.   Camping everywhere  (pending campsite availability) except SLC.

The big challenge here is prep.   I normally have taken a month or so to plan, pack, and make sure everything is ready before a trip like this.   This time I need to sort out everything in roughly 7 days.   I have already used all the gear I am taking so that’s not a big deal; prepping the bike is a big deal as I have a number of maintenance tasks to get done, and wiring projects to finish. 


The above image is the rough route I am looking at.  Hitting up some familiar places I last visited back in 2011 on my first ride though CO, and some new places in UT.    4 or 5 days of camping planned at various national and state parks.

This is all if my cold or sinus infection I have kicking goes away in the coming days… 

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