First batch of pics from my

First batch of pics from my first solo backpacking trip to Craig Meadows in the Lost Creek Wilderness.   I got an early start on Thursday so I did some exploring of the meadows area and added on some good mileage to the hike.  I ended up right around 12 miles with the pack on, and another 2 miles without it when I went exploring the area after setting up camp.

The trail to get to these sites was taking Section 4 of the Colorado Trail, to the Payne Creek Trail, to Craig Meadows.

I picked a camp site that is at the confluence of 2 creeks, and had soothing rushing water noise all night.   There was a 40ft tall rock outcrop near where my campsite was, so I scouted it during the day so I could climb up it at night to star gaze.

After having some tasty meals, a nice little camp fire, I went to bed until about 12am.  I woke up around then, threw on my down jacket and my head lamp and sat on top of that rock looking at stars until about 1am.

I didn’t see another person from the time I left the trail head until I was on the Colorado Trail coming back today!   This was a special kind of sensory deprivation, and kind of drove home that I am a social creature who needs to talk to people 🙂

It was a beautiful hike, and a soothing place to camp.   I cataloged 5 different campsites around the meadows, only one is obvious, I had to look for paths in the grasses to see where they may be hidden.

I’ll post more pics next.  

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