Bluetooth… Thats an F for you MS.

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Before I picked up this Lumia 920 I read that the hardware was Bluetooth 4.0 LE compatible.   Then in the last couple days I’ve been putting together that the software (Windows Phone 8) only supports BT 3.1!   WTF MS?

Every other current gen phone supports BT 4.0 in some fashion.  Many accessories require it to work these days (items like workout monitors, Fitbit, Smart Watches, and some comm systems).   This is one of the areas so far that truly confuse me how MS takes its flagship product and neuters it.  Hopefully in one of the updates coming they will unlock that.

I guess the one perk is as software gets updated new features will be unlocked on the phone…  Like the FM radio chip (which I wont use) hasn’t been accessible until the upcoming GDR2 update comes out.  I assume there is more in the hardware here that will be made accessible and leveraged as time goes on.  Which is OK… in an odd sorta way…

In other news:

Besides for that disappointment, I am digging it still.  Found some nice apps that helped customize the phone a bit more.   Like a “Shortcut” app that let me throw the toggles for all the radios on the start screen.  Very handy for someone who fly’s.

Also I found the MS translator app is pretty incredible.  Not only does it do text, but it will do voice translation, picture translation, and more.  All offline with libraries you download.  That’s hot.

I also found some nice write-ups on ways to save more power on the phone by disabling certain items you may not use.  

I am getting some writable NFC tags in that I get to play with and program today… excited to see what I can do with those.

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