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Before they are over written by this years IIC race in Vegas I captured the 3 races I ran in the 2013 race.   I am not going out this year, but I thought it was fun to capture and save the races I ran last year.

This race is the Amateur Touring A-Main.  Which is the top 10 racers who are not sponsored. Out of 50+ entries I qualified 5th overall.   I started in 5th position for this race, worked my way to 2nd for most of the race, and then due to a screw up by me ended up back in 4th on the last corner, missing 3rd by .15 sec.    It was an awesome race, and the one goal I had for IIC in 2013 was to make the A-Main in this class.

The trophy:

The car I ran looked like:

Results of the race:

Results image Amateur

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