AMA Member, and 7 Days till the trip begins


I finally joined the AMA (the American Motorcycle Association… not the medical assoc.), not only because of the work they do to protect riders rights, but the roadside assistance that is included with the membership for free.   Been meaning to join the AMA for years, but finally did.

Trip final prep:

In one week I will be heading out west.  I am feeling comfortable with the packing situation, and readiness around the bike.   The dry sack I am using this year instead of the Motofizz bag is very full… and I could use like 10L more space in it… but it should work.  Since most of the space is food related by the 3rd morning there should be some extra space in it.

The last deliveries of gear, and supplies are in, just waiting on one last part from Twisted Throttle and I am done.

Time to focus on the ride and finish with the prep.   Printing out final maps and routes for my map holder (which is good backup in the case the GPS takes a crap) this weekend. 

I added up all the flash storage I am taking for the cameras and it comes to 240GB of SD and CF Flash with me.  Probably not going to run out of space on this trip.

Bike was dropped off yesterday to get the final maint items checked off the list, and the dealer was reminded about a dozen times “DO NOT BREAK MY BIKE”, I leave the day after you get it back to me… no time to troubleshoot stuff you guys mess up on.   But I have confidence they are on point with the minor work I am having them do.

Now time to relax and have fun with friends flying into town tonight for the long weekend! 

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