Pictures from las

Pictures from last weekends backpacking trip to Caribou Lake with some friends.   It was a stunning trip with perfect weather.  The clear cool skies and no moon resulted in some great night photo opportunities.   The big circular picture was a 20 minute … Continued


A passively coole

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A passively cooled micro computer as a full Windows Server 2012 R2, Azure Site to Site VPN Router, VPN endpoint for clients (SSTP/IPSEC), Remote Desktop Gateway, Failover DHCP Scope, all  in the size of 2 decks of cards.   Earlier this week I … Continued


All the info from

All the info from the backpacking trip last weekend.  ~17.5 miles total (Graphs show 15 total due to it blocking  out “rest” stops), almost 2000ft vertical each day, and -4000ft down on the last day.  The rest of the pics … Continued