Solar Eclipse 2017

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I realize during my blog hiatus, I never posted any of the Solar Eclipse ( and many other things) to here. So I figured I would throw some up here while I have them handy.

1 or 2 weeks before the eclipse we figured we would drive to Nebraska and check out the total eclipse. We slept in our car overnight, and ended up at a music festival/solar eclipse viewing place in the middle of nowhere NE. We found out about it from a quick stop at the American Legion who was doing a brat fry in Callaway, NE. Some friends who were driving back to CO from WI stopped by as well to watch it with us.

It was a great time and so worth it. Looking forward to going to Texas in a few years for another one.

I was shooting this eclipse with a $100 1000mm lens on my Canon 7D using solar filters I made myself with a 3D printed mount and filters from solar viewing sunglasses. (I’ll post more about that in another post).

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