Yesterday was the

Yesterday was the first trip with the CMC (Colorado Mountain Club) for the backpacking classes I am taking.   We headed up for a day trip to the White Range Open Space just above Denver in the foothills.

The trip was a very fun outing for everyone to see everyone else’s gear, socialize, and learn a bit about some hiking/backpacking safety, navigation, fire starting, etc…    The group I am in is very fun, and everyone seems to be very excited for getting out there.

I ended up torching the side of my Jet Boil with the super light Ti aftermarket burner I use.   The heat shield that is included seemed to play with the breeze that was coming through camp and sent super hot air up the side of the cup scorching the outside.

I just removed the heat shield and then it worked fine.

Only other gear issue I have consistently, is getting the sleeping pad into the pump/sack.   I can get it barely to fit if I roll it up at home, but never when I am camping… so I need to work on that.

Overall, it was a good time!  As I get more use out of this gear I will be posting more things I find out and tips.   

I am also getting in material this week to start work on an ultra light top cover for my Osprey Aether 70 pack.  The pack weighs in at 76oz normally, but removing the top pack drops 9oz.   I am thinking I am make a Cuben Fiber replacement that weighs under 2oz and still has a pocket to store stuff.   I don’t need the room in the top pack, but it would be nice to just have a place to keep some essentials given the lack of pockets on the pack.

In a few weeks we head out for our first overnight with the CMC group, it should be a blast.

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