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Yesterday was a day of learning, amazement, challenges, and a lil POR (push on regardless). Amazement: The Dolores river canyon was absolutely breath taking and one of the best rides I have ever done. I only hope pictures can capture the beauty. Learning: Eat breakfast! I skipped it to get on the road earlier and just had some nature valley bars. Challenges: I broke the bike in a way I thought was terminal for the trip… In the middle of the Delores canyon, 60mi from the closest town and 300 from the closest dealer. I broke the right side foot peg off… Some thing that makes a bike hard to ride 🙂 I tried a few different ways and made it 5 mi down river to a shady place (it was 90 and boiling sun). And took count of the situation. I know most bikes have it so the passenger pegs can be put in place of a primary peg if needed. Trump secured theirs with cotter pins which I didn’t think I had a way to remove. Push on regardless: Using tools not meant for the job, I got the pin out on the primary peg wand used it to drive out the passenger peg. Total repair time was about 45 min. I did have a nice couple stop and offer to help, but I was ready to ride :). Hanks to Gerber for the awesome multi-pliers. They saved the day. I would have not been able todo this with the factory tool kit! Then I had drank much of my water (2l is always on he bike). I got pics I’ll post sometime soon, enjoying lunch In south fork after riding in an hour of epic downpours.

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