Wet Ride

I’ve been using the motorcycle quite a bit lately to get around town, and run errands.   Yesterday I got caught in the storm that delayed the Broncos game when coming down US 6 back to down town.   Wearing my mesh/summer riding jacket, I got pretty soaked.  I had a massive splash from a passing bus on the highway too…   But none of that bothered me… I was sitting there thinking about how nice riding is.

Some very minor changes I made this spring to the motorcycle have fixed every last annoyance I had with the bike.  Making this thing just wonderful for long, short, fast, and slow rides.   

Yesterday while sitting in a traffic jam, being down poured on, lightning all around…. I was happy, sort of shows how the right mode of transportation can make anything fun 🙂  (only issue with all that was the bike is filthy now…)

I was pondering trading in and upgrading the bike to a new Tiger, or a Trophy… but really this Sprint is paid off, and awesome… no reason to mess with what’s working!

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