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As part of putting all stuff “Joe” on this site, I re-encoded a bunch of video I shot and mixed back in the day up on this site.   They are under the Videos link at the top of the site.

Now I will freely admit many of the videos are of so-so quality (production and camera work), or are just music/car vids.  But it’s still a fun record of some car/racing things I did back in the day from 2002 – today.  

Many of the vids are from the Lake Superior ProRally in Houghton, MI (the UP)  A rally that while it is still run today, has been moved down from being a national event that used to bring the biggest names in US rally to the UP, to a regional event.   In addition to that blow after 2009, the rally lost access to many of their roads north of Houghton due to fear of litigation by property owners.  There may never be rallies like we saw up there again because of this, I am very happy to have seen these go down when I did!

Between myself and various friends, and my wife, we spectated these rallies (2002-3,2007-10), worked as crew for hire wrenching on a rally car (2005), and worked as registered media (2004, 2006, and were supposed to be in 2007 but complications with passes and a new media management company made that impossible)

In the vids you can see some of the biggest names in US/UK rally:

Ramana Lagemann
Mark Lovell (RIP – Died in a rally accident in 2003)
Paul Choinere
David Higgins
Lauchlin O’Sullivan
Tim O’Neil (who owns and runs the leading US Rally school)
J.B. Niday (who now owns and runs Rally America)
Seamus Burke
Rhys Millen
John Buffum

As the years go on from 2002 – 2006 you see Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, ACP, and quite a few new stars of US rally enter the picture.   It was always an amazing spectacle to see these rallies happen up in that setting.  Fall colors, snow, rain, cold, and the awesome people of the UP.

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