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This is one of the new V-Dezign chassis I am running. Someone wanted pics/info of what the chassis under those bodies are, so I’m posting this.

Specs:  1/12th scale Pan car chassis.  This one in the pic is for a super stock class with a 13.5 turn brushless motor, and a speed control that does intelligent timing ramps (programmable).  The ESC also has a voltage booster for the other electronics, going from the 3.7v of the big single cell battery to 6v for the radio, transponder, and steering servo.

The wire on the car heading to the rear pod is special silicone insulated, and super high strand count (16Ga power wire to the battery and the motor has 1200strand in it!) making it very flexible.  The motor sensor wires are also high strand super flexible to not tweak the rear suspension.

The battery is a 6600mAh single cell rated at a discharge rate of a solder melting 65C (6600×65 = 396Amp) – the ESC is rated to 120A (444 Watts of power) sustained, 200 burst.  In this class the amp draw never hits that limit but still things get quite warm.

The Radio is a 2.4ghz spread spectrum/frequency hopping setup. 

You can see its direct drive, in the white spur gear is 16 ceramic balls, and two steel plates that make up the rear differential, all on a carbon fiber rear drive shaft.

The front suspension is a fixed lower arm and an adjustible upper with a spring on the king pin and many adjustments.   The rear has a center flex pivot with side springs, damper tubes, and a center oil filled shock. 

Weight requirement for these cars are 730gm, my cars are typically light so I have to put lead on them in strategic places to get them to spec.

These are the most nimble (and fastest at our track) cars, the foam tires keep it locked to the track.  Its insane fun.   The cars require real attention to detail as any slight thing that is not right will cause the car to change its behavior. But when it works, its the biggest rush in R/C to get one to put some hot laps down on a track.

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