These are a small

These are a small number of pics from the day hike I did when in Grand Mesa.  It was a day hike but I did have my full pack (ready for an overnight w/ 2 days of food and all other gear including my normal backpacking loadout) on, and had my SLR camera with.  

This trail was very nice and actually pretty easy, some day I really want to finish the entire Crags Crest loop.    I had to turn back when I got to the actual crest after a short bit because weather was starting to move in, and on the crest you are the highest point for 100 miles or so.

The rock structure around this area is very unique from what I’ve seen.  The Grand Mesa is covered in a Basalt lava flow which is why it stands thousands of feet above the valley around it.  These flows are resistant to wear so they don’t weather down like the surrounding rock does.

This was a great, quick hike, with some awesome views.   I will return and I will hike the entire 11 mile loop.  

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