The bike went from no wheels, suspension, bodywork and really most of the accy wires all over… to something looking ready to go.   

Today I got a shitload done on the bike after work.

  •  Installed the new suspension
  •  lubed the bushings and bearings on the rear suspension
  • installed the wheels
  • Installed the brakes, flushed and bled them
  • Installed new spark plugs
  • Installed the controls
  • Installed the tank and tested the engine, throttle, clutch, and brakes
  • Checked torque on any critical bits of hardware I’ve worked on in the last couple weeks.

The problems though…  

  • The new bars set as I want them hit the fairing, something easily fixed by a different set of risers, already ordered.
  • Clutch cable seems a bit too long, but that may not be an issue with the new risers
  • I broke a mounting tab off the inside of the front fairing… some Q-Bond to the rescue on that tomorrow.

All I have left now is:

  • Change the oil (you can see the jug of Motul 300V Double Synthetic and Wix high cap filter in the pic)
  • Mount the GPS (waiting on a new bar mount for it)
  • put the rest of the body work on
  • Figure out if I am going to do the VFR mirror upgrade now or wait… I am thinking I may wait… I am ready to be done working on the bike and start riding it.
  • getting some 7/8th alloy inserts for the bars to see if I can get the throttle meisters to go back on.
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