Test run on the loaded bike

Yesterday I went to a friends house to finish doing some wiring and getting all the electrical bits sorted out on the bike for the ride.  I took this chance to load up the bike with all the luggage and an approximate amount of hardware I will be carrying. 

This was important because I havent ridden the bike fully loaded on the new suspension that was installed last October so I wanted to be sure the bike rode well. Turns out it does, I just need to remember how to handle a top heavy bike. 

I need to go over everything to see how I can move weight around to make the bike a bit less top heavy, by putting all the heavy stuff in the side bags, and leaving the motofizz and the givi for bulky lighter items.

As for the electrical work, The GoPro hard wire setup is fully done, there is a hidden USB jack under the front cowling that the GoPro can be plugged into and I can start and stop the recording from a button on the handle bars.   Also there is now a time/temp/battery voltage meter now on the handlebars as well.  

The battery meter is a good and bad thing, I think it would be easy for me to become a battery hypochondriac and think something is wrong anytime the battery numbers drop at all (which is normal with charging cycles, RPM changes, etc…).   I did get to see just how hot it is in Denver stop and go traffic though.  The weather channel said it was 85F yesterday, but on I25 going stop/go, the temp read out showed 99F, it was a hot one!.

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