So this is the mid ride repair I had to make in the middle of the Delores River Canyon about 60 mi from the nearest town, and 400 from the nearest dealership.

Most MFG’s make the passenger pegs so they can swap forward with some work. This was pretty straight forward (never done it before or even read up on it), but the only real big issue was a cotter pin set to hold the top of the slide pins in place.

I had to use a super needle nose top for my Gerber Multi Pliers and hammer one edge of it as hard as I could into the cotter pin hole so I could then grab it with pliers and pull it out.  

It was about 90F in the canyon that day, and the sun was hot.  So I rode the bike with one peg down the road about 5mi to find a bit of shade and kicked back there to do the fix in about 45 minutes.   But I had consumed most of my water, and needed to boogie to get to the nearest town for some lunch and re hydration.

I was pissed at the time, but looking back, it was just another event on this trip to make it more interesting!

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