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Second set of photos… My early entry into R/C with HPI cars, and my early non competitive days of R/C

My original HPI Nitro RS4 was beat around, and made stupid fast, but never could turn, handle, or run for more than 30 minutes without needing a complete overhaul from running in massive dirty parking lots. 

I bashed that thing around for a good while until I got back into Racing with a good friend and we got HPI Nitro RS4-3SS’s and “raced” in a local parking lot.   We had a great time, but burned excessive amounts of money just keeping them working.  

A year after we got into those, I chose to race at a local track, and upgraded the crap out of my HPI RS4-3SS to make it “race worthy”.  While it looked the part for a Nitro RC car in 2004, I didnt know what I was doing, just kept throwing money at it, and the car was never that fast.

The HPI had a ton of custom parts on it, and a real nice 7 port STS engine on it.  The car was fastest in a straight line by far, but sucked on braking and cornering.  Even our best drivers at the track couldnt make it work.   

Over that time I also had some other cars and interests in RC.   But the HPI took most of my funds and time to keep running…. But I was done with that.  

Next Album will be about when I got serious about R/C racing outside that predated my 1/12th racing interest.

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