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Pics from the guys weekend up in the Keweenaw Peninsula off of the UP of MI.  This was a annual trip for the group of guys I know in WI, and after a 1 year hiatus, its back on.  I’ve been doing trips to the UP either in Fall or Winter since 2001.  The group outing in the winter started around 2006 or 7.    Looking forward to a return visit next year 🙂

We went snowmobiling in some of the best conditions I have ever seen on the trails.   We covered 130 miles, and had an absolute hoot of a time tearing through the woods.  By the end of the day it was snowing hard and almost white out conditions, which made it even more exciting.

The rest of the trip was comprised of eating, drinking, drinking, and eating.   The UP’rs know how to make some great food.

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