Pics from the backpacking t

Pics from the backpacking trip to the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness with friends.   The trail was pretty fun, if exhausting.  Day 1 I ended up with some stomach issues mid day, which made the rest of the day miserable.   But still put in about 2000ft of vertical over 7.5 miles. 

We setup camp  and had a fire pit on the edge of the meadows near by.   It looked like storms were going to rain all over us that night, but they ended up blowing away and leaving us dry.  We had a nice campfire and hung out looking at the stars.

Day 2 was a pretty brisk hike to wrap up the trail.  About 5.7 miles, with some interesting stream crossings, and some walking through knee high water to get back to the car.   I was with Mike and Travis on this trip, and them being in better shape than me helped push me a bit to keep the pace up, especially on Day 2 when I didn’t feel like death.

For me it was a test of a ton of new gear, and most of it worked out as expected.  Now to do some editing on my load out, but I should be good to go!  Besides for some general soreness from bounding down rocks on day 2, I feel good.

I just need to drop a good bit of weight and my pack needs to drop a few too, and I’ll get closer to being ready for the big trip in October.

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