Motorcycle Upgrades

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So I pulled the trigger on the few high dollar things I didnt buy for my last big motorcycle trip, or items I had issues with on that trip.  Last year I bought tons of small things I needed to do that trip.  This year I needed to upgrade some larger bits I held off on until I knew how well they would work.  This is still costing me ½ or less than what I spent last year 🙂

Side cases:

The Triumph OE 25L side cases – which leak, are flimsy, and overall just badly designed – are being replaced with Givi E41 41L side cases.   The dramatic jump in storage space means I can probably just use the Givi top case, and the side cases now and carry all my camping gear and supplies for a 10+ day trip without soft bags on the bike.   (or a very small one just for some odd shaped bits like the camp chair. or heavy items like water, etc..)  This also makes it much more comfortable on the bike without a big bag putting pressure on my back.

Below is a pic of what it should look like (only blue bike and fully black bags)

Sprint with Givi


I love the Shoei Multitec, it was the best flip up/Modular helmet you could buy when I got it back in early 2010.    I’ve ridden with it in searing heat, oppressive humidity, rain storms,  dust storms, and bitter cold.   There are only 2 failures of this helmet – Noise and Ventilation.    Its a LOUD AS HELL helmet.   Crazy loud wind noise.   You have to wear ear plugs with this helmet no matter what.

Ventilation wise, riding in cold rain, or cold mornings, there was almost no way to keep the visor from fogging.  If you left the visor cracked open in rain, water would run down the inside face of the visor and is a pain to wipe off.

And a minor thing – the EPS liner isnt able to be taken out and washed… so its a stinky helmet. (but my own brand of hot stank…)

So I just pulled the trigger on an upgrade – a Shoei Neotec.  Which is their new flagship modular helmet, and many consider better than the Schuberth C3 (which costs $200 – 300 more than the Shoei).   I tried one on at a store and was very happy with the fit and comfort.

Shoei Neotec

The Helmet is supposed to be much quieter, and have a ton of advances for ventilation, and has a rear vent now to remove the buffeting from behind and improve air flow.


Most wireless comm units for motorcycles are for chatting with your fellow riders, so you had to buy what they ran.  Since I tend to ride solo these days, I had free choice on any platform I wanted.     I picked up a Sena SMH-10 unit.  This is also a high end feature/firmware upgradable unit that costs $100 less than most others in its class.


  • So on long rides I can listen to some kind of music to keep myself going without needing to use my ear buds (and in-so complying with more laws about that sorta thing).
  • No wire to my iPhone needed, all Bluetooth connectivity.
  • GPS directions to my helmet via Bluetooth also.
  • I can take a phone call (after stopping the bike… not about talking and riding) without needing to pull the helmet, and ear plugs out. 
  • And eventually if I go on a ride with someone… and they buy a Sena unit, we can coordinate without stopping.


So yeh,  Fun times 🙂

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