Motorcycle Checkup

So its been 2 months since I rode the bike (been traveling for work and play for the most part), so I went down and checked on it to see what condition I left it in.

Besides for being horribly dirty from riding in rain for a few days, and the chain showing signs of a little rusty fun from that… the bike is in great condition.

  • The bikes used ¼ of a quart of oil over roughly 4000mi of riding this season.  This Motul 300V is awesome oil.  It even looks very clean still. (also a credit to the high capacity WIX filter I put on)
  • After 2 months of sitting it fired up on first try (after charging the battery).
  • The battery was dead for some reason ( I think I left the parking lights on when I parked it).  After throwing the Ballistic LiFE battery onto a smart balancing charger I have for R/C it rebalanced all the cells, and the battery is as healthy now as it was Day 1.   Cant do that with a Lead acid battery!
  • Brakes look great, no leaks of oil or coolant anywhere.
  • Tires looks virtually new after ~ 4000 mi on them.
  • And all the luggage attachments held firm, not the slightest movement on any of them.

All of this means, this winter I am not planning to do any real work on the bike.  I may replace the wind screen, change the oil in spring, and the air filter this winter, but that’s all minor.   And the chain may need to be replaced depending how it measures.

Now that I’ve ridden in icy cold/rain for a couple days I am all about planning to head out sometime mid spring for another ride (a few day ride) somewhere… thinking of heading down to northern New Mexico for a trip.

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