More Prep for the Motorcycle Trip

So after a brief break planning and prepping for the trip in Sept to focus on some R/C Prep for Vegas in October, and then being out of town for work for a week, I can now start to get back moving.


I think the route is pretty solid at this point and I haven’t made many changes.  But I am talking to some friends who ride around where I am going in AZ and UT and they are giving me some tips.

Cameras, Cameras, Cameras – 

For this outing, there is going to be some nice visuals, so I am loading up on cameras for the trip. Not only am I taking a new Canon 7D SLR with, but I also have potentially 3 Go Pros going along as well.  2x Being the Hero HD versions, and one being a Hero 2 (which I want to use for the 10Mpix sill functionality more than almost anything else). 

Not sure if I will use all 3, or even how I would, but should be fun either way.

I also have ordered some 3rd party wireless remotes for them that I will be hacking a bit to make hard wire-ready and modify my existing setups for them.  I am working with the company who makes the remotes to get weather proof controls.


In order to achieve my goal of being able to geotag every picture I take, I ordered a high end, high precision, GPS datalogger/BT receiver (so I can access the info via my slate as well). It can hold as many data points in it as a months worth of travel would do. I am going to have it mounted in one of the cases and it should last most of the trip on one charge as it shuts down when the bike is stationary.

Computers –

With my recent acquisition of a Samsung Series 7 Slate, I plan to take it on the trip instead of my iPad as I did last year.   But it needs to be charged more often and takes up a tiny bit more space, so I need to factor that in.

One of the key reasons taking the Slate is better than the iPad, is I can preload detailed topo, and high res sat image maps on it and be able to review routes, and update my GPS at any time on the trip, or while laying in my tent out of cell or wifi reception at night.   I can also offload data from my flash cards onto it.

Wiring and Bike Prep – 

I have a hard wire setup coming for the top case, that will let me charge stuff in the back while riding.   Still waiting on it, as I get the feeling the company isnt too much in a rush to get this to me… no worries since I still dont have the luggage racks from Germany yet either.

The bike still needs to go into the shop to get some key maintenance done, hopefully this week sometime.

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