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I’ve been aquiring new gear for backpacking this summer for months now, and today I got in a nice light weight burner for my jetboil. This is by Ruta Locura, and its a modified BRS 3000T stove. http://rutalocura.com/BRS_3000T.html

I scored it via Massdrop for a pretty good price. It has titanium arms, and a titanium heat reflector. It also comes with a carbon fiber lid.

I just tested it with some water vs the stock jetboil burner, and they both boiled the water within seconds of one another. I already replaced my bigger 1L Jetboil cup, with a .8L SolTi cup to drop a few oz.

Best part, this entire setup without fuel weighs just 6oz now. My old JetBoil Flash weighs in at 14.5oz.

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  1. R.aman

    Hi,Joe !

    I’ve been looking for this set for years after missing out on it. If you are not currently using this set, would you be willing to give it to me? Please tell me the price.

    Best regards


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