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Its not often I post something about RC that is actually something normal people would buy or could actually entertain for a hobby.   When I was in Madison the club there was running a new class (for the US, its been run in the UK for some time) that has the potential to change things for onroad RC racing in the US.  The class is GT12, and this car specifically is a Schumacher Supastox GT  One of 3 generally available chassis for the class.

It’s a 1/12, foam tire class, based on a very simple but quite functional chassis.  The key items that make it different from existing 1/12 classes or 1/10 classes is the cost and lack of tire preparation required. 

The tires require no truing, and are ready to go from the factory, which is a big deal for anyone who’s wanted to run foam tire classes but hated the work it took to true them down.  The car isn’t that much cheaper than a 1/12 pan car, but the lack of tire maintenance is a huge deal.

The chassis are built to BRCA rules and are price limited, they cant exceed 99# Brit / or ~ $130 USD.   You can get all the electronics you need to run for ~ $125 as well.   All up you can run one of these cars for under $400 start to finish, with all the hop ups and upgrades available included in that.

Compare that to a modern 1/10 touring car which will run you somewhere on the order of $1200 – $1800 for a fully race ready top of the line car. (which is a white car in the picture above for size comparison.)

I am excited to run this car coming up.  I believe I am the first in our club in Denver to buy into the class, and hope it attracts others.  

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