Installed the new LiFe based motorcycle battery.  Weighs 2lbs, is ½ the size of the old one, and has 150% more energy capacity.   This is a Ballistic Evo 2 12 Cell battery.  The battery is made in Plymouth, Wisconsin, the cells are made in Waltham, Massachusetts (A123 cells).  Slick setup.  Note the foam I put in to take up the now free space in the battery area.  

In addition to being light and energy dense, they are light years ahead of standard lead acid batteries: These don’t self discharge, they are not sensitive to heat, vibration, the individual cells can be balanced with a $19 charger, and they wont leak since they are dry cells.  These are the same battery cells powering the Tesla Sports car, and the Zero motor sports motorcycles. 

I may store things in that space like spare fuses, tire repair kit, etc… down the road. 

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