In the home stretch

Final tweaks, planning, and setup on the bike is happening.    I essentially only have a few days left between now and when I leave to finish up all the work due to travel for work next week, and friends being in town over labor day weekend.

All my hotels are booked, and primary/backup campsites are selected.  Had a nice chat with a B&B owner in Jerome AZ yesterday who is also a big fan of Creede, CO.   Her and her husband are also avid riders and they rode 8000mi from Jerome, to the tip of Newfoundland, Canada.  That and she is making breakfast in the mornings and hot cookies at night… what more could you ask for in a place to stay!?

I scheduled some maintenance on the bike at a local Triumph dealer to take care of just 2 high priority items that I cant do myself (lack of space, and tools).  I get the bike back 2 days before I head out on the trip, so my fingers are crossed nothing will be f’d up by them.

I am placing the final orders for bits that I am finding I need, the main ones being Twisted Throttle tool tubes and bottle holder.  So I can stash all the roadside repair/tire repair tools, an extra quart of oil (the Motul 300V I am running is hard to find at gas stations), and extra tools or 1L of Gasoline if it looks like I am on a long run without a gas station (which there looks to be one stretch in N Az that may be 200+ miles without a gas station according to Google and the Garmin mapping software I am using.)

Other than some of the outstanding work to do, I am feeling very good about this trip.  I am probably over planning,  but that planning I did last year saved me tons of frustration on the trip.  It also kept me rolling when I busted a foot peg off the bike, and had the right tools to fix it.   This time I am taking more and better tools.

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