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If the Supreme court struck down the health care law, the republican response would have been something like: “Justice has been served. The democrats, and the executive branch need to respect the verdict of the nations highest court.”

Followed by a Boehner delcaring  "HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW BITCH?!“ on the US Capitol steps.

Since the supreme court deemed the health care law legal and constitutional, GOP   the response seems to be: "F’ those guys, WTF do they know?!  God damn judges and courts… stupid idiots!  This is a mockery of ‘Mericuh!”

I expect an ample dose of tri-corner hat wearing lemmings (err… true ‘Mericuns) to flood TV and protests in the coming days.  Some how I figure they’ll figure out a way to say this is killing baby Jesus or some shit like that.  (when in doubt say god doesnt like it…)

Let the circus that is US politics to keep on rolling…  

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