Houston is the new winnner!

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For dumbest place I have ever visited.

Florida had the state wide designation of this since … well… since it’s been a state I figure…

Things I witnessed today that proved just how awesome this city is at being stupid:

  1. Was almost run over 3 times by semi trucks not looking and just crossing multiple lanes in one move.
  2. Had someone almost rear end me at high speed because he was busy folding a news paper behind me
  3. Every single person going through airport security except me had to have their bag inspected because they were unable to read, or comprehend simple instructions like – don’t bring liquids through in your bags.
  4. They need someone at the entrance of the security area to verify you even have a boarding pass and ID… just to keep you from inevitably wasting everyone’s time at the TSA stand.
  5. One way roads, often have one way signs taken down or broken in half for some reason in down town Houston.  No worries about fixing those.
  6. #5 may lead into this one – people driving the wrong way down one way roads… at the airport, down town, in the parking ramp….  
  7. People of Houston sporting Women for Romney stickers… This along should prove this entire post.
  8. They have an airport called George Bush… I am amazed the planes even get off the ground.

With that I crown Houston the dumbest place I have ever visited.

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