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I made it back to Denver late yesterday.   I am working on organizing the almost 200GB of video and pictures, cataloging the GPS logs, unpacking, cleaning the bike, etc… 

This was an amazing trip full of challenges. I met dozens of interesting people from all over the world and got to spend time with some other cultures (The Navajo).  I also got to see some of the most stunning terrain I have witnessed first hand.  I didn’t go camping as expected (and essentially just hauled 50lbs of camping gear around the south west), but that did nothing to diminish the experience of the trip.  If anything it let me be better rested and able to do more day to day than I otherwise would have.

When I started the trip my goal was to see what was out in the South West.   What I found has given me more perspective, more insight, and made me a more well rounded person if just by a little bit.

I am very fortunate I was able to take the time to do an adventure like this, and I hope many more of these are still to come.  

I cant say enough good about my steed for this trip.  The 2005 Triumph Sprint worked flawlessly.  I was able to drag a knee going around corners with 90+Lbs of gear on the back and the bike never as much as wobbled.    I honestly couldn’t even feel the weight on the back when riding.  It would flop into a corner, or weave a linked S turn like it had no weight on it!  In the icy cold rain, wind, and slick roads a couple days ago without ABS, Traction Control, or any of the other crutches, it never as much as slipped a tire.  (a testament to the Pilot Road 3 tires as much as the new suspension on the bike, and the silky power delivery of the 1050 triple engine.)  It was super stable at high speeds, extremely nimble at slow, started quickly and reliably in icy mornings, and boiling hot mid day desert stops.   The bike is the best it’s ever been… I didn’t have to take a tool to it once on the 2000 mi run. 

More gear reviews and such in the coming days.

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