Hi Joe, Came across your blog while I was searching for information on the RC cars, to be specific, on the A700. My understanding is that you have both the A700Evo and the A700 EXL, one is with the FFG and one without, I would like to know how big of a difference is that. Thanks Ed.

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Hey there.  The A700L and the Evo are different beasts to some extent.  The A700L is a very steery car,  a bit more aggressive, and very good on lower power classes like 17.5 .  Its also lighter.    The Evo has a bit less steering, but can handle bigger power classes better.  It seems to be more behaved and tame going through corners at high speeds.  

If I was running Mod or 13.5 and above, an Evo is very nice.  If I was running Stock, The A700L is very good.    If you are on the fence, the A700L would be the one I would go with because you can always change it to an Evo later if you want.

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