Got my first round of new bits in for the upcoming motorcycle trip.   The new Shoei Neotec helmet, Sena Bluetooth system, and the new Givi cases. 

The one big thing that I dont have, is the mounts for the cases.   The place I ordered em from will take ~ 4 weeks to get them to me.   Quite close to the departure date!… But seems none of them are available in the US in stock… so it is what it is…

The new helmet is good, I forgot the joys of breaking in a new helmet…  going to need to ride a bit in the next month to break it in over short periods.   The new Neotec is slightly larger than the multitech, a little heavier, but has quite a few good features.   I already think I’ll love the integrated sun visor. 

The Bluetooth setup is great, I need to do a little hacking as I am going to be setting it up so I can use the speakers in the helmet or in-ear sound isolating ear buds for longer trips. 

The Givi cases are awesome as expected, unfortunately I was expecting all-black, and not the silver topped ones.   Doesn’t matter a whole lot, I am possibly going to just have the silver painted to match the bike down the road. 

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