Finished packing the majority of the gear as it will be for the trip.  I moved around how stuff was going to be loaded, but not sure about it fully.  Total weight is ~ 89lbs of gear including all the cases (so probably 60lbs in camping gear other than the cases)   Lots of what is being brought on this trip is unique for a CO motorcycle trip in early Fall. 

Reason being: Its hot, cold, rainy, and sunny in the mountains, sometimes all at once.   Looking at the weather schedule for the places I am visiting, one day it could be 89F and Sunny, the next it could be 42 and rainy, and I may wake up to mid 30’s a few mornings where mid afternoon it will be 75 -80.   That makes packing very cumbersome and heavy.   My normal riding gear is “water proof” but in cases when I am in camp, or not willing to get my already heavy riding gear wet, the rain suit works wonders.

The top case is pretty much stuff that is I may need access to on the road, like Rain gear, or my camera.   I plan to take many pictures along this trip with my good camera, so I have it packed with 3 lenses in a small sling style camera bag I have, its situated at the front bottom of the case to keep the weight properly positioned (as good as possible), then the rest of the space is essentially all gear for the weather.

The motofizz is about the weight I thought it would be with 99% of that weight being at the very bottom, and the top being all the light stuff, that should help with keeping the center of gravity lower.   There is still a pretty good amount of room left in the Fizz for food, water, etc… that I may pick up on the road.

The side cases are either holding all the stuff I’ll need when I get into camp right away, or my clothes and stuff to go inside the tent.

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