Final qualifier

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Well, Qualifiers are done for me, I got much faster for the last runs, but still short of where I hoped to get.  I think from a combination of playing conservative with the last runs, and nervousness.  

I qualified 26 of 45 for the stock class ( so starting in 6th position in the C Main of 10 cars).  the 15 people around me in the standings are all within 10 seconds of one another, out of an 8 minute run.  Very competitive.  I missed being 6 places up if I was only 2 full seconds faster over 8 minutes .

For the faster class, my car has been hunting for setup all week, and has only in the last couple runs put together real runs that I can work with… I am 30 of 35. A real pathetic showing… but it is what it is this car was just not on pace all week.

If I dominate either main race, I can be bumped up to the top race in my class.  Not holding out much hope for that, but it is a possibility.  These are incredibly competitive classes I am running in, and 0 margin for error!  (something I am not great at doing – driving perfect for 8 minutes) 🙂

Overall this is an extreme educational experience and a lot of fun.

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