Figure I would catch up with what maintenance and updates are happening to the bike in prep for the trip in a couple weeks.

Stuff done: 

1. Installed a power run to the top case.  Its quick disconnect and is hidden when not in use.   I actually used another SAE plug to tap off the battery tender plug to power it, so its completely removable and easy to disconnect if I need to.

2. Installed the new SW-Motech mounting hardware for the Givi cases.  This was the hardware I was waiting for in order to start scheduling the trip.  They had to be special ordered form Germany for my British bike, installing Italian bags.  Its quite an international deal 🙂

3. Swapped the 18T front spur for a 19T gear to get some better highway mileage and make it a little easier on the bike.   The 18T was awesome in-town, but I am comfortable enough with the clutch on this bike now that I dont need it.

4. Cleaned and oiled the chain, its been lots of miles since I did that last, it needed it.

Stuff still to do on the bike:

1. Install the Twisted Throttle tool tubes (or fabricate my own that fit better)  Not entirely happy with the space and mounting requirements for the tool tubes.   Some PVC may work much better.

2. review some of the wiring I did last spring to make sure its holding up.

4. get the bike into the dealer for the rear hub rebuild and coolant flush.

Besides that, she’s ready to rock. 

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