Edit: Already made a load of changes to help move weight around.

First swing at packing.  Packing without the motofizz bag is a challenge, but I think I am getting it pretty down here. 

The Twisted throttle dry bag is holding my Kermet camp chair, jet boil, stove fuel, hammer, sand stakes, rope, and some other utility items.   And then on top has a 1G + 2L water bladders that will be used when camping, when not they will be empty and stored in the dry bag.   I may also carry my insulated liner for my riding jacket in there, not sure if I am bringing it though now that I have a heated bib.  This is a good location for the water bladders as they are very heavy and this is a good for the center of gravity on the bike right behind me.

The twisted throttle tool tube holds all my tire repair bits.  Not sure if it will fit on the bike with the side racks, if it does I will have a second tube that I plan to put either a reserve bottle of gas in, or a bottle with motor oil and some tools in.

The Givi side cases are being setup so one of them wont be needed or unloaded if I am staying in a hotel, the other will carry my sleeping bag (for space reasons), clothes, toiletries and other odds and ends.     The other has my tent, sleeping pad, other cooking gear,4 days of dried breakfasts and dinners (camping 4 days), and some other camp stuff.

The Givi top case holds my SLR camera, one other lens, all my gopro mounts and hardware, my slate PC, a 12V socket for charging anything I need, my heated riding gear, and my rain gear. Normally this also carries some snacks I throw in over the course of the day to munch on when I stop to take pics. 

The Bags Connection powered tank bag will carry essentials like asprin/IB, iphone, maps, extra ear plugs, sun screen, lip balm, a power pack to charge USB devices at camp (that will be charging during the ride as there is a 12V jack in the bag).  And my backup set of glasses.

Overall I think this is a more condensed and tight group of gear for camping in some comfort than last year.  The extra water capacity is a welcome addition, I ran out of water almost every night last trip.  Only bit of the bike that is a tad concerning is the weight of the top case.   But it was nearly as heavy last trip and fared very well… and its been moved to be better balanced this time.  I may move the slate PC down into one of the side cases if there is room. 

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