Bout time to figure out where/when to take a little 2 wheel trip this year.  Again looking at the week after Labor day as that’s worked pretty well in the past.   Looking to check out Yellow Stone, the Grand Tetons, the Salt Flats, and some areas of Utah and CO I haven’t ridden though yet.

Looking at a nice 500mi first day to get up to northern WY.  That should be Exhausting, but if there is any day to do a ride like that its on your first day.  

From this rough, and very quickly thrown together idea, its~ 2100 miles, and 6 or 7  days.   ( some of the segments may be merged).  This year I want to make this trip pretty inexpensive, and save time because of limited vacation this year and some other plans we are working on for vacations.

The goal is to have some short riding days in Yellow Stone and the Tetons to allow for some exploring/hiking etc…    I am planning to leverage Hotels, or the KOA cabins for the trip, not going to bring a tent or most of my camping gear to leave room for hiking boots, and more clothes for that kind of activity.

A stop in SLC to visit friends for a night is also in this plan.  still need to see if they will even be around.   This will check off Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho for states I’ve ridden in.    (adding to the list of AZ, UT, NM, WI, CO)  not bad since 2 years ago the only state I’ve ridden in was WI.

I already own everything I need for this trip, so this should be a pretty easy one to pack for and plan for.  Very little in the way of bike prep is needed as well.

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