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A new RC Project begins.    After focusing on 1/12th scale pan car racing for the last year, I am interested in getting into a different class of racing along side those cars.   I found a killer deal on a 1/10th scale touring car chassis at the local track this last weekend.  So now I know what my winter project is in RC.

This is an Xray T3 2010 chassis, that is going to be upgraded to essentially a 2012 chassis with a conversion kit.

My first class I am going to run with this car is a Vintage Touring class, that runs scale vintage muscle car bodies, treaded tires, “realistic” looking old school rims, etc…   Its a slow, but fun class.   Great way to get my feet wet in this class as I haven’t run a touring car chassis in well over 10+ years.

I am also starting to look ahead to some other races around the country, possibly a national race out in Philadelphia in late March.

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