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1st day in Vegas and so far so good.   I played in a 40 person No limit hold’em tourney with may of the other racers in town  (and the organizers) and ended up coming in #4, 1st in the money and tripled my investment.  I was also only one of 2 people who made it to the final table without a rebuy.

I was the chip leader by a huge margin going into the final table, but I was dead tired (I was up from 3am that morning with a hangover… that lasted all day), hungry (didn’t have dinner and it was 11pm) and had to pee in the worst way.     I stopped watching my hand close enough and reading others…  But I still made money, and had a blast!

The person who won was the event organizer (Doh!), and the 2nd place is a fellow racer from Colorado which is pretty cool!

Good start to the week!  One last conference call for work in a few minutes then I am off to get my R/C on!

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