Been a busy summer

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Lack of posts on the blog here kind of hides the fact this summer has been very busy for me. I’ve been backpacking a lot, 3D printing, traveling, etc… I’ll have a bunch of posts and such to update here when I get time, but I am also looking to potentially re-home this blog due to some performance issues at the current host.

Once I get the rehome done, I am planning to open a small web store on here to sell some widgets I’ve created for backpacking on a small scale. I’ve been testing and refining designs all summer.

This Sept – Nov is going to be very busy so I plan to get back into this site a bit more and keep working on some updates to the big printer project (the printer works great, but is only like 80% done, I have lighting, cameras and the rest of the enclosure to finish and its permanent place to put it in.

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