Final repairs, and a fun 150mi ride.

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Last night I finished getting the SW-Motec sump guard installed (it installed much better than the Ebay knockoff I was running), and its clear the Actual SW-Motec part is FAR superior to the Ebay one I had… night and day difference in material quality/fit/finish. I am still going to install a 3mm Stainless Steel + 3mm EDPM rubber layer under the sump area to give it even more armor.

I took the bike out this morning on a long shake down ride that ended up with some dirt/gravel riding and some nice sweeping higher speed riding. Overall it was a fun day and the bike was back to its old ways. Still some hot oil smell coming off the exhaust system and I am guessing the back of the transmission/engine. There is no sign of any leaks or drips from the replacement parts so I am feeling pretty good about everything.

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