Big progress tonight – X carriages wired up

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This was one of the more daunting challenges of the project

Tonight my Anet AM8 printer was running non stop, I was designing non stop, and building non stop. I was designing parts and pulling them straight from the printer as I went, rinse and repeat.

The X Carriages (X and U technically) and wiring them has been a troubling prospect. Since these are direct drive extruders I need to run 12 conductors to the extruders in a way that hopefully won’t impact the movement of the X or Y axis, and still be stiff enough so it doesnt droop onto the work.

I’ve posted before (see this post) about some of the designs I did for the X Carriages to allow me to plug in the items on each one as needed. After 3 revisions on the initial designs I finally got them completed. Below are pics of the implementation:

Like in the first photo the Bowden tubes I am using to feed the filament to the extruders (Pulling the filament vs pushing) acts as a bit of a support structure. The left side X Carriage also has a wire run over it that handles the BL Touch sensor.

The other side of the mounting:

getting the wire attached on the X Carriages was one thing. I needed to get the wire secured on the frame on the other side. I needed it to be as tight to the frame as possible as to not interfere with the X Carriage movements when they are in the parked position.

Wires stick out further than I would like, and required me to route the ribbons back and out of the way.

I also have a requirement for this build that nothing can extend outside of the frame (Making enclosing it easier) So I designed an anchor to grab the wire, and then in a controlled radius route it back and down.

The bracket worked on the first try. Very few things I’ve designed in this project have worked in the first iteration. This one worked so well I printed another and have the mountings done! It also has a channel to guide the Bowden slightly out of the way, and the bottom clamp has a gap to let me run the BL Touch wire through it.

The Bowden tubes will run straight down to 2 dry boxes that will be installed in the printer in the back. Keeping the filament close as possible to the extruders, but also keeping it dry.

To keep the wires in a nice arc and keep the Bowden attached I made some clips that seem to work great:

Not the best print quality of the clip, but that wasn’t the goal 🙂

Next Up: Lets print something on this bad boy.

Once I get the Left extruder wired to the Duet/Duex main boards, I will be able to start printing. I can’t get the left side (the actual X Axis) working until I am done with the AM8 as I am swapping the Titan Aero from that printer to the new one. I have a handful of important parts to finish printing before I can confidently take the AM8 apart.

I also need to work on the code and setup of the printer in software… it’s not really functional yet, I have a bunch of work to do in RepRap firmware encoding to make it actually function.

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